Connecting Uniting Churches in Western Sydney.

Who we are and what we do

In the Uniting Church in Australia, a Presbytery is a collective body of all the congregations in a region. Presbyteries exist to help all the congregations be healthy and missional. A key role is supporting new initiatives, such as church-planting and Fresh Expressions of church. Presbyteries also help individual leaders and ministers grow in effectiveness.

In Parramatta Nepean Presbytery, we work to strengthen 63 congregations in their mission and community engagement in one of the most geographically and demographically diverse areas of Australia. Geographically, we stretch east to west from the Sydney Olympic Park to the western end of the Blue mountains, and north to south from the semi-rural areas of the north-west and south-west of Sydney, with their rapidly growing housing areas.

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Our Vision

As a whole Presbytery, to generously share ourselves and mobilise God’s resources to support God’s Mission so that, in 2055 and beyond the Uniting Church has a strategic, vibrant Christ-centred presence in Western Sydney in all its diversity.

To achieve this, and to fulfil our obligations and responsibilities as set down in the UCA Constitution and Regulations, the Presbytery commits itself to the following 5 Big Moves:

1) We will continue to become missionally oriented.
2) We will foster the growth of healthy, vibrant Christian communities.
3) We will promote collaboration for mission.
4) We will communicate effectively.
5) We will embody inclusiveness.